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Backup Restore Feature

Backup following setting to Stream Boss' Cloud and Restore to any devices. To restore your backup, you need to use the same account you used to backup your settings. Otherwise the restore operation will fail. If you have performed Cloud Backup from another device, do not run Cloud Backup from the new device, it will overwrite your current backup.

Restore from cloud, make necessary changes and then run cloud backup again to update your backup. All backups are Encrypted with AES Encryption with your own backup password and random hash.

What is included in the Backup:
  • TV, VOD and Series Favorites

  • Parental Control with password.

  • VODs and TV Series Resumes

  • TV Series Watched

  • Multi-Screen Channels.

  • Account List.

  • Streams List and EPG are not backuped.


How to Run Cloud Backup and Restore

  1. Go to Settings > Click on Backup & Restore Button. The Backup/Restore window will display.

  2. Click on Cloud Backup to run the backup. If you're running for the first time, use any pin otherwise use your existing PIN.

To Restore Backup, Click on the "Restore From Cloud" button instead of Cloud Backup.

How to Reset the Backup PIN

You will not be able to reset your PIN. Because backup PIN is part of your data encryption. You will be able to request to remove backup and run new a backup with a new PIN.

Send an email to with the Code showing in the Backup or Restore window.
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