Over 5000+ channels including:

  • 5 Cinemax

  • 6 HBO

  • 9 Showtime

  • 13 Starz

  • Pay Per View

  • NBA Package

  • NFL Package

  • Adult 18+

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live tv access (over 300 channels)

local tv channels (major cities)


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why we're better than cable!


Better Options!

$20 gives you the better option for live tv, cable tv, premium movies, 24/7 channels, tv shows, local tv and more! All in HD or better!

Great service at a fraction of the price


best support!

Unlike other services, we're here when you need us! Our 24-hour support team is here to fix any issues you face, not that you should, but if you do, we're here to help! 


watch anywhere

Watch us on the go! Download our app, log into our TV portal, or take your firestick with you! You will have access to our service without any hidden cost!

Before getting started, Before you purchase our service

Please understand that your internet Wifi connection speed is the most important requirement from you. 

You will need a 2nd generation firestick or newer ( with Alexa control and a mic on the remote).

Internet download speeds of at least 50 Mbps or higher is strongly recommended to prevent buffering, freezing and other playback issues. Please run a speed test on your device "BEFORE SUBSCRIBING" to the service to ensure that you have sufficient speed.

There are several things that could affect a good internet speed connection.

  • How many wifi devices connected at once.( phones, smart tv, smart watches, video games)

  • How far your device is from your modem/router ( modem in the living room - device in the bed room or 3 rooms away) 

  • To watch 4K movies you will need a 4K firestick, a 4K smart tv and 100 Mbps of internet speed.

  • If you are having buffering issues we will require you run a speed test on your device and share with us your download speed. ( we recommend you run a speed test on your device before subscribing to our service to ensure that you have sufficient speed. If you use a VPN; run 2 speed-test, one with VPN turned on and one with VPN turned off, sometimes VPN will limit and restrict your signal.   

After you purchase our service and download our app we recommend that you go back to our setup page and make the necessary changes to settings on your app.

 We are confident that you will love our app. So much that if within the first 24 hours for any reason (except Friday and Saturday) we have not provided superb customer service and there are any issues with our service, We will personally refund your payment minus a $8.95 cancellation fee (it's what we are charged by the bank) to cover our merchant refund fees.